A lover of nature and physical activity, Davis, now in his 50's, decided to set a goal in 1984 to do 84 hikes up the mountain that year. He surpassed it, completing 106. That goal turned into a quest to do it every day. Sometimes he hiked with partners, but plenty of times he did it alone.

His adventures have made him a subject in Yankee Magazine, Craig Brandon's book, "Monadnock: More than a Mountain," and in Eastern Mountain Sports advertisements. Recently, he shot some video footage of a dance performance on the summit that will be featured in a documentary about the mountain.

Even when he worked 72 hours a week, he still got his daily hike in because he always worked second shift — he hikes first thing in the morning after riding his bicycle to the mountain. He puts in about 100 miles on his bicycle every week.

He's faced high winds, pouring rain, icy conditions — he even climbed once during his consecutive streak when he was suffering from food poisoning, and another time while he was on crutches (yes, he was injured while climbing the mountain).

Although his allegiance is to Mount Monadnock, Davis has hiked elsewhere. He's hiked Mount Katahdin, Maine's tallest peak. He's a member of the Appalachian Mountain Club, he adopted part of the Appalachian Trail — the Osgood Trail on Mount Madison in the northern peaks of the Presidential Range.

excerpt from SentinelSource.com article:
Jaffrey man documents ‘Intimate Relationship’ with Monadnock
By NICOLE S. COLSON Companion Staff
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